Tooth Extractions

Why a Tooth Extraction May be Recommended


Damage to the Tooth

Dentists often attempt to repair a tooth that gets cracked or broken, as the goal is to save the natural tooth whenever possible. However, the damage may be too severe to allow repairs in some cases. An emergency dentist may pull the tooth to prevent further trauma.

Dental Crowding

Some patients develop pain and other issues due to crowding in their jaw. This issue often occurs due to the growth of a patient’s wisdom teeth. In this situation, a tooth extraction procedure allows a dentist to remove teeth and reduce a patient’s discomfort.

Infections or Decay

Bacteria in the mouth can lead to tooth decay. Over time, the decay eats away at the enamel of teeth, causing cavities. Untreated cavities lead to further deterioration, including an infection of the pulp of the tooth. Dentists can address these issues by filling cavities or performing root canals in many cases. However, patients who avoid going to the dentist may develop a more severe infection. Eventually, a dental professional may need to extract the tooth.

When to Consider a Tooth Extraction

Patients often require tooth extractions if they break a tooth badly or develop a severe infection. In some cases, dentists perform these extractions during a dental emergency.

However, you can also schedule a tooth extraction in a non-emergency situation. Speak with our dental team about your health concerns and the best ways to address your needs.

Oral Surgery Options for Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are a type of oral surgery. In many cases, our team has the training and equipment to take care of tooth removal.

During the oral surgery procedure, our team:
  • Applies a local anesthetic to numb severe pain
  • Assesses the state of your tooth and gum
  • Cuts gum tissue away if necessary
  • Grabs the tooth using forceps
  • Shifts the tooth to loosen it before removal

Schedule a Tooth Extraction with Our Team

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