Wentzville Veneers

The team at Parkway Family Dental Care can attach veneers to your teeth to cover over things like stains or cracks. Our practice provides personalized veneers to patients in Wentzville, MO. 


Basic Facts About Veneers

Professionals who specialize in cosmetic dentistry often rely on veneers to conceal:

  •     Gaps between teeth
  •     Stains on teeth 
  •     Dental cracks or chips

Professionals use dental-grade porcelain to make veneers and custom-match the veneers to match the color of a patient’s teeth. However, you may also get veneers that are a little whiter than your natural teeth, brightening your smile. 

Speak to Us About Improving Your Smile with Veneers

Take proactive steps to improve the appearance of your smile by setting up an appointment for dental veneers. Our team at Parkway Family Dental Care provides this service for patients in Wentzville, MO. Contact us at 636-327-6880 when you’re ready to set up your appointment. 

The Procedure to Place Veneers

Our team uses two appointments to handle the placement of your veneers. At your first appointment, a dental professional:

  •     Numbs the area around your tooth
  •     Takes off a small piece of your tooth enamel 
  •     Gets a bite impression

We send the impression to a dental lab to create custom veneers. Then, before you leave the office, a dental professional covers your teeth with temporary veneers. These veneers provide protection until the finished veneers arrive in the office.

After we receive your finished veneers, you’ll return to the office. Team members remove the temporary veneers and put on the custom-made replacements. 

Reasons to Select a Porcelain Veneer

Getting a porcelain veneer for a tooth, or veneers for multiple teeth, allows you to change the look of your smile. These veneers:

  •     Look like your natural teeth 
  •     Resist discoloration 
  •     Easily correct minor imperfections with your teeth 

Because porcelain doesn’t stain as quickly as the enamel of your natural teeth, they stay brighter, even if you consume food or drink that often results in stains, like coffee or wine. 

Properly Care for Your Veneers

Caring for your veneers helps you extend their lifespan. In most cases, veneers last for over 10 years if you follow all care instructions. 

To properly care for your veneers, the professionals recommend that you regularly brush and floss. You should also schedule regular check-ups with your dentist. The dentist can check on the state of your veneers and provide you with further care instructions. 

Oral healthcare professionals can also help you decide whether veneers are the right choice for you. Veneers cover minor imperfections. However, if you have more severe cracks or chips, a different option may work better for you. 

Consider crowns, tooth extractions, implants, and more to handle your unique dental needs.

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