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Dental exams and cleanings play an essential role in supporting your oral health in Wentzville, MO. Our team at Parkway Family Dental Care provides you with personalized treatment plans. We focus on preventative dentistry and caring for every member of your family. 


Features of a Dental Exam

Scheduling a regular dental exam (also known as a prophy) allows you to protect your oral health. We generally recommend that you attend at least two dental exams a year, but possibly more in the presence of gum disease (periodontitis). These exams give our team a chance to:

  • Remove plaque, tartar, and calculus buildup
  • Check for periodontal disease
  • Check for decay
  • Check for broken restorations, including dentures, fillings, or crowns
  • Screen for and identify other oral healthcare issues

At Parkway Family Dental Care, we offer convenient appointment times for the whole family. Our team understands the unique needs of the entire family, and we take steps to support your dental hygiene from your first appointment with us and for many years to come. 

Benefits of Dental Hygiene Appointments 

Coming in for regular prophy visits comes with several significant benefits. First and foremost, these appointments leave you with clean teeth. Getting rid of tartar buildup and plaque helps you reduce the odds of developing cavities or gum disease. 

Regular check-ups may help reduce bad breath, find cavities while they are small, and reduce the chance of losing teeth. Furthermore, they allow us to screen for more serious issues such as cancer through intraoral exams and x-rays. Ultimately the goal is to leave you with a happy, healthy smile.

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You can protect your oral health with dental exams and cleanings in Wentzville, MO. Our team at Parkway Family Dental Care handles all of your needs, and we can treat your whole family. Set up an appointment today by calling us at 636-327-6880.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

Our team provides comprehensive dental care during appointments in Wentzville. Generally, each appointment involves the following steps. 

Cleaning by a Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists will remove plaque, tartar, and calculus to ensure a healthy smile. Periodically, the hygienist will also measure the gums to check for periodontal disease and take x-rays to check for cavities.

Special Steps for Pediatric Patients

We provide a few extra services for our younger patients. For example, we may propose a fluoride treatment or sealants to prevent future  cavities.

An Examination by a Dentist

After the hygienist finishes with the cleaning, you’ll receive an assessment from a dentist. Your dentist will look for:

  • Evidence of gum disease 
  • Any cracks or chips in your teeth 
  • Issues with your fillings, crowns, or bridges
  • We perform oral cancer screenings during dental exams to further protect your health.

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