Wentzville Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Wentzville, MO

Same-day dental crowns in Wentzville, MO, allow you to get the treatment you need quickly. Our team at Parkway Family Dental Care uses our technology, experience, and training to install a crown effectively in a single day. Contact us today for an assessment of your dental options. 


Learn More about Dental Crowns

Our team uses the term “crowns” or “caps” to refer to custom-made covers that are placed on top of damaged teeth. A crown is typically indicated for a tooth that has had prior root canal treatment or does not have enough structure left to support a filling. 

Our team uses a CEREC intraoral scanner to custom-design and mill the crown in one appointment. These crowns are generally made out of ceramic or zirconia depending on individual needs. Our team matches the crown’s color to your surrounding teeth, so it blends in. We carefully shape crowns to ensure they feel comfortable in your mouth. 

Set Up an Appointment for Dental Crowns

You can reach out to Parkway Family Dental Care for same-day dental crowns. We can also handle your other oral hygiene and care concerns. It’s easy to set up an appointment with members of our team. Just call us at 636-327-6880. 

We’ll discuss your specific needs when you reach out to us in Wentzville, MO. 

You Can Get Same-Day Dental Crowns

Our office provides you with same-day dental crowns that allow you to complete your entire treatment plan in a single day. Our office uses the industry-standard CEREC machine to mill the crowns directly in the office.  

We permanently bond your dental crowns as soon as we finish making them. Therefore, you don’t have to return for a second appointment or use temporary crowns.

Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

Dental crowns allow us to repair damage to your teeth. We often place a crown after performing a root canal. Patients frequently need a root canal if they have extensive tooth decay or an infection of the root of their tooth. 

You may also want a crown if your tooth wears down due to use. We also use crowns to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. In this situation, we attach the crown to a metal post that we place in your jaw. 

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