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Dentures in Wentzville, MO

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Missing teeth make it hard to enjoy your favorite foods, speak, and smile. Thankfully, Parkway Family Dental Care in Wentzville offers high-quality dentures for patients who are missing some or all of their teeth. Dentures are a set of removable artificial teeth that offer the same look and durability as natural teeth. They consist of acrylic resin or nylon material that secures into your mouth by sticking to the gum line. With dentures, patients can restore their smile and bite without worrying about cavities or tooth decay.

Parkway Family Dental Care offers two types of affordable dentures: full and partial. 

Full Dentures

Full dentures are for patients missing all of their teeth. Tooth loss can occur for various reasons, including:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Extreme or traumatic tooth damage

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures work the same as full dentures; however, they replace a section of teeth rather than an entire row. 
Partial dentures fill the gap left by missing teeth to improve your bite. They rely on your remaining natural teeth to secure your mouth by using metal clasps.
The metal frames of partial dentures wrap around the gum line to fit comfortably in your mouth. Your dentist will use a gum-colored acrylic material to cover the metal framework and create a more natural look. The result is a set of artificial teeth that offer unmatched durability and a renewed smile.

Once we know the problem, we can apply a fast and effective solution to treat the area and prevent further damage.

Benefits of Dentures

Both full and partial dentures offer several benefits for patients’ oral health.

  • They improve bite and chewing ability. Missing teeth make it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods. Dentures use a durable material that can stand up to the rigorous forces of eating.
  • They look like natural teeth. By using acrylic resin or nylon, your dental professional can create a set of dentures that look like natural teeth. We can customize dentures with customer tooth-color and shape options that will fit comfortably in your mouth. 
  • They can improve the shape of your face. Your teeth play an essential role in how your face looks. Dentures help prevent drooping and sunken cheeks that often come with missing teeth.

Affordable Dentures in Wentzville

Whether you are missing all or some of your teeth, Parkway Family Dental Care in Wentzville offers durable and affordable dentures. Dr. Winschel and his team will help you review your options and determine the best course of action for your dental concerns.

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